The Olde Mouldy  purveyors of fine and rare whisk(e)ys

Hi there, sleepy head, its past time to wake up.

Weve never been certain whether The Olde Mouldy was real.
It was too liminal, too ephemeral to really be viable. Was it a pop-up? Fuck if we know.
How many people have wandered down the hall at Backbar trying to find some tiny room
jammed full of obscure bottles lit by pretty twinkle lights that they vaguely remember,
only to find it vanished without a trace. Or did it?
Weren't those lights on the other week? But it seemed ... different somehow.
Was it even the same room? Was it all a dream?

Whatever it was, if it was ever anything at all, it is no longer.
The Olde Mouldy lives now only in the fading memories of a few.
Real or not, well hold close those fond remembrances set in that tiny, stuffy closet,
and we will cherish them.

With love,
Tania and Nate

old friends and patrons can still reach us at drank (at)